Summer 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

When will campers be wearing facemasks during the week?

Facemasks will be mandatory when inside buildings except for when in one’s assigned housing or eating/drinking. Facemasks will be worn outside when physical distancing is difficult or impractical. Parents should add one facemask per day plus a spare (7 masks total) to their child’s packing list for camp. There will be a limited supply of face masks at camp. We recommend two layered cloth masks that fit comfortably. Paper/surgical masks are discouraged as they are not durable or sustainable.

My camper is going to other camps/doing summer sports/has a job and won’t be able to self- quarantine for two weeks. Can they still come to camp?

Yes. In order to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible, we ask that you take the precautions needed to limit the exposure to Covid-19 prior to camp. This includes the CDC recommendations to wear masks, physical distance, and wash your hands, especially when interacting in settings that are not as controlled as school, work settings, sports, or your own home.

We are used to carpooling to camp. Can we still do this?

If you are able to drive your own child to camp, that would be preferred, but we appreciate that not every family can make the drive to camp twice in one week. (Plus, carpooling is good for the environment.) If you choose to carpool, please take the necessary steps to minimize the risk of spreading Covid to others. It is also very important that each camper has the needed paperwork completed and ready upon their arrival at camp. If you will not be bringing your child to camp, please be sure you have paid any registration balance, completed the health history information, and that you send the required Covid check-list/waiver form. Campers without the required documents will not be able to stay at camp.

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