Pathways Quilt & Art Auction October 14th Announcement

Greetings from Pathways!

One of the ways Pathways helps to cover the costs of providing awesome outdoor ministry experiences is to have one or more fundraisers each year.  In support of your outdoor ministry I am hoping you can help out by publicizing the Pathways Quilt and Art Auction coming up Oct 14 in Dilworth MN!

Please include the announcement in your September newsletter and in bulletin announcements leading up to the event.  I am also attaching a poster that you can put up around your church building.  Let us know if you would like to have us mail you color copies.

Thank you very much for helping out your outdoor ministry in this way and doing all you can to encourage your folks to get in on the fun and support their camping ministry!​

Pathways has just completed another great summer camp season!​  We are grateful for a summer that was safe and​touched the lives of hundreds of campers through all of the usual wonderful relational ministry in a beautiful outdoor setting​along with a summer theme that connected campers with Jesus as​”The Water of Life”.  And, it was a lot of fun!  I hope the summer has been a good time in your congregation.

Thank you very much!

God’s Peace,



Click here to download the Pathways Quilt and Art Auction Announcement.

Click here to download the Pathways Quilt and Art Auction Poster.