New – Fall Reading Days

Fall Reading/Faith Formation Days – Oct. 8-11 at Camp Emmaus

(Recreation options including fly-fishing)


This is an opportunity provides for a low key way to accomplish some self-directed continuing education, enjoy the beautiful Camp Emmaus north woods fall surroundings and unwind a bit.


There will be plenty of time to just read/study, write, do preparations or simply relax and reflect.  How you use this time is up to you.   There will also be some low key times of worship (first word and evening vespers) as well as optional group sharing times available for those who would like to informally gather and share what they have been reading.  Of course there will also be times to gather around snacks and beverages for conversation, cards, table games…


While folks are free to and encouraged to bring whatever reading material you would like and to use this time as you wish,  there will also be offered an optional Spirituality and Fishing reading track.  This will involve some reading suggestions, a couple sharing and conversation times around this theme, as well as participation (additional cost) in the optional fly-fishing and tying instruction and guidance opportunity below.  A number of reading and reflection spaces will be available around the camp.


During these days of reading/study and reflection, several recreational opportunities are available at camp and in the area such as walking/hiking, biking, and canoeing.  The nearby community of Park Rapids has an excellent independent book store and coffee shops.


One special recreational option that will be available is expert fly-fishing instruction and guidance.  A 3-4 hour instruction session (gear provided), will be provided by ELCA Lutherans Bob and Val Wagner who have lots of experience teaching and sharing their encouraging and contagious enthusiasm for fly fishing with classes and groups of all ages and genders.  Lake Morgan, located on the Emmaus property will offer excellent opportunity to fish for rainbow and brown trout.  This opportunity is available to both people reading on their own and to those who chose to participate in the Spirituality and Fishing reading track. Additional cost $15.


This wonderful time away will begin with supper on Sunday Oct 8 and run through mid-morning, with a closing worship time at 10:00 AM on Wednesday Oct 11.


Cost (includes three nights lodging, 8 meals and snacks): 

Lodging in Dining Hall/lodge (nice rooms with bathroom/shower, desks)

Double occupancy:  $175   Single Occupancy $250 (8 lodge rooms available)

Lodging in Welcome Center building (heated, single beds, central bathrooms/showers in building, one room double occupancy, one large room will house up to 6) $150 each person.

Cabins (rustic) $125 per person

2017 Continuing Education Opportunities from Pathways Lutheran Outdoor Ministries:


Pathways Village August 16-20 2017 at Camp Emmaus  

Pathways Village is a very relaxed time away for families and people with supervised activities for children and recreational choices in addition to opportunity for study and reflection.  In addition to key note speakers, a number of area leaders will offer sessions on a variety of topic ranging focusing on nature, theology and practical spirituality and more  Come for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days.


Key Note Speakers

During your time at Pathways Village, you will have an opportunity to share in a class that pertains to Theology and Bible, as well as Faith and Life.

Rev. Jodi Houge
Jodi Houge was raised by North Dakota potato growers.  Incidentally, she likes watching things grow.  In 2008, Jodi started Humble Walk Lutheran Church in a coffee shop and has been running to catch up with where this community leads her ever since.  Humble Walk is filled with people on the last train out of Christianity-who have decided to give it one more go.  Being the pastor of this new church plant provides stories of hope every single day.  Theme: Reforming Church (then and now)

Rev. Dr. Lawrence R. Wohlrabe
Bishop Larry of the Northwestern MN Synod will be joining Pathways Village August 19 and 20.  He will lead a conversation on Sunday about being a reforming church and reforming people.

 Nate Houge: Music and Liturgy

Nate is a singer/songwriter/cyclist/baker \liturgy writer whose jumping off point is St. Paul.  He sings at people and with people, sometimes on his own, sometimes with a band, far and wide. He has recorded several CD’s including Reform Follows Function and Mysterious Kung Fu Ninja and The Pink Princess of Pretty, Pretty Land I, a kids and family album.

To view housing options (including lower primitive tent and RV camping price), register for your Pathways Village experience or for more information, please visit the Pathways webpage at:

Costs: Adult $50/night, Child (12 and under) $40/night.  Full event family maximum $1,000.  Each overnight stay includes programming and three meals with arrival early afternoon and extending through lunch the next day. $30 Commuter fee (9:00 arrival, lunch and dinner included.


(On-line registration will be available soon).