We are very excited for your Houseboat Adventure to Rainy Lake and we hope you are too! It will be a wonderful week spent in fellowship together in God’s wilderness! We’ll spend our week in a 55-foot houseboat, heading to various islands. We’ll explore, take day trips, hang out with each other, fish, swim, catch some rays, have Bible study, participate in worship & have a great time with one another, growing closer to Christ!

Our week together will start on Sunday at 2:30 p.m.. at Camp Emmaus. First, we’ll have an orientation to let you know what you can expect during your week and camp and what is expected of you. We’ll also take swim tests, review some basic safety & camping information, and do some initiatives. Monday morning, we’ll head up to International Falls and Rainy Lake for our houseboat adventure! We are in for a blast!

During the week, we’ll have time to fish, snorkel, suntan, take day trips with small fishing boats & much more! We’ll also spend some time in devotion, meals, Bible study, and worships.