Thank you for your interest in a summer ministry team position with Pathways Outdoor Ministries. We think you will find working with Pathways to be more than a summer job. It is an opportunity to grow in your faith, in your leadership skills and in your friendships. Being on this team and a part of this ministry could prove to be the best summer of your life!! Follow the directions below!


  1. Read the Job Descriptions (below)
  2. Applicants download the application. Fill it out and mail it in or scan and email it back. Please make sure to address it to Pathways SMT Application.
  3. Download the reference form and distribute it to three people who you are not related to. Have them scan and or mail it back addressed to Pathways SMT Application Reference

If you have any questions about employment at Pathways please contact us at Pathways@PathwaysBibleCamps.com or 218-227-5107

Testimonials from former staff:

“I found a new life for myself that placed God at the center instead of on the outskirts. Pathways has helped me make wonderful friendships that will last a lifetime, introduced me to new ways to praise God in my everyday life and let me see God’s work in hundreds of children. Camp has literally changed my life in the best way possible; it taught me that everything I am given in life, whether good or bad, I can handle and I don’t need to hide from anything anymore. ~ Written by a camp counselor of two years.

“Being a counselor as made me who I am today; stronger in faith, in happiness, in love and in friendship. I will cherish forever my memories with Pathways.” ~ Written by a camp counselor of two years.

“Working at Pathways this summer opened up my eyes and heart to what God has planned for me in life. I was afraid I would fail miserably but I felt incredibly successful. God held me the whole way and taught me so much about myself. God truly works in mysterious ways.  Being open to Him was the best choice I have ever made.” ~ Written by a first-year counselor


Pathways Job Descriptions

Summer Program Director

Works accordingly with the Year round Program Director, Day Camp Coordinators, Adventure/High Ropes Coordinators, and the kitchen staff to ensure that programming is run smoothly at Camp Emmaus.  Daily duties include staff meetings, running the canteen and direct supervision of the counseling staff.  This person would also serve as a representative for Pathways to pastors, youth directors, parents and volunteers. 21 years of age, and prior camp leadership experience preferred. (1 Position)

Assistant Program Director

This position would involve the planning and implementation of weekly programming both onsite and off-site at churches. APD’s will rotate through being on site and off site leading programming. On site they will work directly with the Summer Program Director to ensure that games, activities, and resources are set up and available to counseling staff. Off-site at churches, they will serve as a leader to the counseling staff and liaison between Day Camp volunteers and coordinators and Pathways. Responsibilities include leading the day camp program throughout the week. APD’s also serve as a representative of Pathways to the communities they are present in. 21 years of age preferred. (4 Positions)

Adventure/High Ropes Coordinator

Safety, upkeep and implementation of the low and high ropes courses at Camp
Emmaus.  Lead the Wet & WILDerness, and Houseboat programming along with on-site canoe trips/shuttles. Challenge Course Certification required (training provided).  21 years of age preferred. (2 Positions)

*Health Care Coordinator

Responsible for the health care station including the administration of basic first aid along with the distribution of daily medications to staff and campers. Former experiences/certifications preferred along with advanced First Aid and CPR training. 21 years of age preferred. ( 1 Position)

*Media Specialist

This position would include the daily responsibilities of taking pictures, filming, uploading pictures to parent website, creating end of the week video, and working with the Year-Round Program Director to create a summer promo video. This person would also help manage social media pages with the Summer Program Director. Former experience preferred along with basic knowledge of technology and marketing. (1 Position)


Provide leadership and supervision for 6-10 campers in grades 2-12, and K-6 in a day camp setting. Counselors will be in charge of facilitating bible studies, small group games, afternoon activities and devotions.  Counselors will serve both on site and off-site at day camps. Must be 18 years of age. (15 + Positions)

Wet & WILDerness Counselor

Work alongside staff from Luther Crest Bible Camp and Shetek Ministries. Duties include supervision of campers entering grades 7-9 in an adventure program setting. This counselor would be present in helping lead high ropes course, canoeing trip and other water activities. This position would also lead daily bible studies, small group games, and devotions. (2 Positions)

Day Camp Counselor/Camp Assistant

This position rotates between being offsite and onsite. On site these people would assist the Cook and Kitchen assistant in meal set up and clean up. When not helping in dish room or dining hall they work under the leadership staff to help with aspects of programming including games, worship, and devotions. When off-site these people will serve as counselors for our Day Camp Program. Offsite they will be facilitating and leading bible studies, small group games, afternoon activities and daily planning. Completion of High School required. (5 Positions)

Assistant Cook

Work directly with the food services director to assist in food preparation, serving and clean- up. When not working in kitchen, staff members will also be present to help with games and worship. (1 Position)

Maintenance Assistant

This position would work under the Maintenance Director to help with grounds and facilities upkeep and some small repairs. Daily duties include assistant in small carpentry and plumbing projects, mowing, and helping with onsite programming under the Summer Program Director.  (1 Position)

*When not doing specific duties related to their position these positions would also be assisting Assistant Program Directors in planning worships, camp games, morning movers (Alpha), and facilitation of other program needs.