Contact Information

We understand how important it is as parents and guardians to feel connected to your kids at camp! Pathways has a great tool to stay connected with your child all week long.

Parent Communicator

Check out Pathways Parent Communicator which is a site that allows you to read daily newsletters, view and buy pictures, as well as purchase credits to send your child an email!

This site is seperate from Campwise’s camper registration and requires a seperate username and password, feel free to use the same one or create a new one but write them down so you can use it each year! An access code is required once you register or login. Please contact Camp Emmaus or our main office for the code.

Snail Mail

Want to send a letter to your child during their stay at camp?  Send it to our mailing address which is different from our street address.

Camper Name

Camp Emmaus

P.O. Box 316

Menahga, MN


Camp Emmaus Contact Information

Need to get ahold of our staff to let them know of a different pick up time or have questions? Feel free to call Camp Emmaus at 218-564-4766 or send an email to