Church Promotions

Get Your Church Fired Up for Camp!!

Are you looking for creative ways to get your congregation excited about the ministry of camp!?  Below are some ideas to help you spread the word about camp, the ministry it offers and to get people fired up!  You can easily create your own “Camp Sunday” with a little creativity!  Here are some ideas…


  • Have kids and adults share their camp experience and what it meant to them. They do not have to be Pathways stories…any outdoor ministry experience is great!
  • Collect a special offering to go toward camperships.
  • Plan worship to involve familiar camp songs (could also have a service that has camp songs through the ages)
  • Have someone familiar with Pathways share about the opportunities available and/or what your church is doing with camp programs for a temple talk.


  • Choose one Sunday to share the information of camp with the youth during their Sunday School time or youth group.  Could either take the first 15-20 minutes or use the whole hour with different activities.
  • If using 15-20 minutes start out by singing a few camp songs (see list above), show the summer DVD (should have been sent to your church…contact us if you need one), tell about camp and what they saw they could do and hand out the program brochure.
  • If using the whole hour add more camp games or an arts and crafts project!
  • Have kids who have been to camp before share with their peers about their experiences.
  • Could pick certain weeks of camp to encourage youth to sign up for from your congregation.


  • Have an adult forum time focused on camp.
  • Have adults reminisce and share about their camp experiences.
  • Share what ways they can still be involved. (retreats, volunteering, adult travel…)
  • Talk about family camp and how camp can be an experience for the whole family.
  • Sing camp songs through the years.
  • Could talk about giving the gift of camp to their family to pass on the faith experiences they might have had.

Other Fun Ideas

  • Have a barbecue or potluck where the proceeds go to helping kids, families and adults attend camp. Could include camp games, arts and crafts, prizes and more!
  • Wear camp apparel one Sunday.
  • Decorate the church with an outdoor theme (canoes, lifejackets, trees, fake fire…)
  • At coffee hour have a “canteen” theme by offering other options such as smores, ice cream and more!
  • Have a drawing for a free t-shirt or camp store item